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A New Kind of Web Development Agency

Simplur's modern, proprietary web site platform enables us to bring BIG results to your small business e-commerce efforts.

Find out more below about how our "Simple Pluralism" model enables outstanding results that keep getting better.

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What's New at Simplur

Simplur is excited to announced the availability of our video-focused microsites with instream e-commerce. Our clients needed to make demos and sell multiple products at once. Using Woocommerce, Gatsby, and live push technology, we made the process easy and scalable. Check out the demo today!

Over 18 months of working with a couple clients on their e-commerce efforts, this is a real trendline of their revenues. We took out the dollar figures, but the totals are well over $1 million.) In that same time, these clients also reported huge increases in offline and telephone sales revenues. Let us do this for your company, too.

Simplur's Web Site Development Platform

Continue Using WordPress and WooCommerce!

The back-end of your site will still be powered by WordPress and WooCommerce. You’ll barely notice a difference in your workflow. Except we might make your work go faster and easier if that’s ok with you…

WordPress to Gatsby Progressive Web Apps

Simplur’s e-commerce solution takes your WordPress Woocommerce site and turns it into a blazing fast, progressive web app powered by Gatsby.


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